About us

Urania Records is an independent recording company standing near the Como Lake from 1998.

Its production embraces the entire field of classical music and it is divided into two categories including historical and new digital recordings.

All our Historical collections propose fine documents by the twentieth-century greatest performers, including several rarities and preciously unpublished works.All our CDs – published in accordance with the international copyright law provisions and made with the authority of the Italian SIAE – are produced to the highest standards of quality and the restoration is accurately made in 24 bit and 96 khz with a special method  which, while  aiming at the preservation of the sound naturalness of the source, fully recovers the beauty of the original recording.

The new born Leonardo series proposes new digital recordings of any kind of instruments. It favours compositions in world-première recordings or works that stand outside the traditional repertoire.

Urania is successfully distributed in several international markets by renown exclusive Distributors and in Digital download Web Site.

Its catalogue boasts over 500 titles.