The trust of our users is extremely important: for this reason we are committed to do everything possible to protect their privacy. To better understand what kind of information we collect from our website and from our applications as well as the and specific measures put in place to protect personal information, please read this Privacy Policy.

In compliance with the provisions of  Decree No. 196 of 30.06.2003, the web site URANIA RECORDS by MANZONI EDITORE DI MANZONI NOEMI art. 28 Privacy Code, is to provide the necessary information regarding the purposes and methods of processing of personal data and the scope of communication and diffusion, the nature of the data in our possession and how it is provided.


The web site URANIA RECORDS by MANZONI EDITORE DI MANZONI NOEMI processes the personal data that you provide when preliminary negotiations, the signing of the contract and /or joining the service, or communicate during the course of the same. They are common datas, and in the case where it is strictly necessary they are identification datas.


The processing of personal data is carried by URANIA RECORDS by MANZONI EDITORE DI MANZONI NOEMI only for the following purposes:

Legal obligations or acts having the force of law and / or administrative accounting: invoicing, and accounting records mandatory, contractual obligations related to the management of the relationship.

Questionnaires and field studies.

Perform market surveys and marketing studies.

Broadcast Transmissions and / or promotional offers.

Send quotes and prices on our products.


Your personal data are stored on computer and paper. If necessary, a decision as to their updating and / or modified in accordance with the provisions in force.

The data is processed within the company, by collaborators and employees who have been appointed managers and / or processors and that they have received the necessary and adequate information.

The website you are browsing is compliance with European regulations on the use of cookies. Hereby, URANIA RECORDS website MANZONI MANZONI EDITOR NOEMI, data controller, in accordance with articles. 13 and 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (“Privacy Code”), and pursuant to the provisions of the General measure, the Data Protection of 8 May 2014, gives users of the website some information cookies used.

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The following information describes how to disable and consult the service providers policy.

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Cookies are small files that are stored in your computer when you visit a website. These are used to customize the browsing users and gather information, automatic access and use of the site. When the website is trusted, as in the case of our Web site, cookies help to optimize and improve its navigation, as well as facilitate your next visit, making the site more useful for your needs. This is the setting sequence (or creation) of a cookie:

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– Each time you view a resource in that domain, the browser sends the cookie

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Yes, you can block or allow cookies on all websites or you can choose the sites that are permitted.


Not necessarily. Blocking all cookies actually help to protect privacy, but it limits the functionality available on some Web sites. It is therefore advisable to chooses the Web sites for which allow cookies. You can then block all cookies initially and the allow those necessary for sites you trust. Is it possible activate or deactivate, delete or block cookies by changing the settings menu of your browser, as shown in the following guides:


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What are Temporary cookies?

Temporary cookies (or session cookies) are removed from the computer when you close the browser. They are used to store temporary information

What are persistent cookies?

Persistent cookies (or saved cookies) remain stored on your computer even after your close the Browser navigation They are used to store information, such as name and password, so as to avoid the user having to enter them again each time you visit a particular site. Persistent cookies can remain on your computer for days, months or even years.

What are cookies of websites displayed?


The website cookies displayed are derived from the Web site displays and can be permanent or temporary. They can be used to store information that will be used again the next site visit.

What are third-party cookies?

The Third-party Cookies come from ADS on other sites, such as pop-up or banner, on the Web site appears. They can be used to track the use of the Web site for marketing purposes. The third party cookies are not issued by the site you’re visiting but by external services.


Google Analytics service Google Inc:


The treatment is done with automated tools from the Holder. Do not make a disclosure or communication.


The subjects whose personal data, pursuant to Art 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, have the right at any time to obtain confirmation as to whether such data and to know its content and origin, verify its accuracy or seek to integrate, update or correct them. The subjects which refer the personal data have also the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data in violation of the law, and oppose any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment. Request for Art. 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 should be directed to the e-mail:



The holder of personal data processing is the web-site URANIA RECORDS by Manzoni Editore di Manzoni Noemi