He began classical piano studies at the A.Casella Conservatory of L’Aquila with M. Sergio Calligaris.

He began his studies as a sound technician by attending the courses “Sound Design by George Massenburg and GML”, “Comprehensive System Design Meyer Sound” Mauricio Ramirez, and others and began working as a sound engineer in Live events and in various recording and post studios production.

He graduated in “Electronic Music New Technologies and Musical Languages – Composition”, with the thesis “Tra suono e immagine: Q-riosity” on the film “The fugitive futuriste” by Gaston Quiribet (1924), piece for Orchestra with live processing and tape magnetic.

He graduated in Applied Music Composition with Maestro Carlo Crivelli at the A. Casella dell’Aquila Conservatory with the thesis “Chaplin il vagabondo” soundtrack for orchestra on Charlie Chaplin’s short film “The Vagabond” (1916).

Professional activity

He collaborates with Maestro Carlo Crivelli as electronic composer and sound design for the realization of the soundtracks of the films “Sangue del mio sangue” and “Fai bei sogni” (by M. Bellocchio);

“L’ora legale” and “Il primo Natale” (by S. Ficarra and V. Picone);

“Io sono Tempesta” (by D. Lucchetti)

“Visage d’enfant” (by Jacques Feyder)

documentary “La particella di Dio – Il senso della bellezza” (by Ameuropa International s.r.l)

and many others

He collaborates as a freelance sound engineer in the studio and in live concerts with many national and international artists: E.Morricone, F.Bosso, M.Di Toro, C.Crivelli, A.Branduardi, R.Canzian, E.Bennato, Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese I.S.A., Orchestra Città Aperta O.C.A.,CRM Roma, Agorà service audio, Teatro Service audio, Orchestra Player 2, Conservatory A.Casella, A.Oxa, E.Cristicchi, Goblin, E.Rava, P.Fresu, L.Giordano, L.Handerson, M.Angelo, C.Jones, E.Falaschi, D.Airey , P.Merl, P.Gilbert, F.Feliciano, S.Skybby, J.Macaluso, The Crimson, Blaze Bayley, Oliver Dawson / Saxon,

and many others

As a composer:

soundtrack on Charlie Chaplin’s short film “The Vagabond” (1916) for orchestra

Soundtrack for the documentary “Il dramma, la ricostruzione, il ritorno” new INPS

“Drops Quartet” – for string quartet and piano.

Soundtrack for the silent film “The Phantom of the Opera” by Rupert Julian (1925)

Soundtrack of the film “Fall of Usher House” – (by Melville Webber)

“Phase” – For dancer and live electronics

“Plexis” – music for dancers

“Il canto delle stelle” – for solo violin and electronic music

“A-Qua” Integrated sound installation

“Sequentia” – Audio / visual installation

and many others

Study equipment

The studio uses digital and analog equipment in hybrid configuration.

Software: Avid Protools HD, Steinberg Cubase Pro.

Audio converter: Antelope Orion Studio 32.

Preamp: Audient, Focusrite, Antelope, Neve

Mastering: compressor and Eq: Audient, Neve, KT

Reverb: Lexicon pcm 60, pcm 80

audio monitor: Yamaha NS-10, Yamaha HS 50 and HS 80

Microphones: Neumann U87 – KM 184; Akg 414 – D112 – c418; Rode NT1; Shure Sm 57 -SM 58; Sennheiser MD 441- Md 421; Schoeps MK4.

He works as a sound engineer and as an editing and mastering technician for record labels and publishers:

Cattleya film, 01 Distribution, Area Sonica Records, Lobster film, Cinèmatheque Suisse, RAI Cinema, Medusa film, Ameuropa International s.r.l, Kavac Film, CRM Roma, P.R.I.MUS., Brilliant Classics, Urania Records, Da Vinci Records, Stradivarius, Tactus

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